Mediterranean Diet tied to Slower Mental Decline


A new study suggests that elderly people who adhere to a Mediterranean type diet, including moderate total alcohol as well as wine intake, may be at lower risk for cognitive decline in old age.

The researchers examined the dietary habits and cognitive function of nearly 4,000 individuals aged 65 or older. They compared those who followed a traditional Mediterranean diet and those who met the 2005 US Dietary Guidelines, which place a lower value on fish, legumes, and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. The participants’ cognitive decline was assessed every 3 years for an average follow up period of almost 8 years. The results showed that those who scored more points on the Mediterranean dietary scale had significantly better cognitive functioning over time after adjusting for other confounding factors. The researchers explained the effects by the wine’s potential role in protecting from brain damage. Traditional Mediterranean foods may also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation which is thought to be involved in Alzheimer’s disease.


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