Moderate Intake of Alcoholic Beverages May Protect Against Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS). As MetS is inversely associated with moderate intake of alcoholic beverages, Japanese researchers investigated the association between drinking pattern and NAFLD

In 4957 Japanese men and 2155 women without reported liver diseases (median age, 49 years). They performed a cross-sectional study with health check-up data including information on the use of alcoholic drinks and ultrasonographic assessment of fatty liver. The results showed that alcohol consumption was strongly and inversely associated with NAFLD. The prevalence of fatty liver in each category of drinking frequency was 38 % (1-3 days/week), 29 % (4-6 days/week), and 24 % (daily drinking); in women, 16 % of non-drinkers and 10 % of drinkers had fatty liver. The researchers concluded that the intake of alcoholic beverages appears to protect against NAFLD. These findings confirm the results of an earlier study (Dunn et al, 2008)


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